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Aroma and flavor molecules are rapidly lost upon storage and application due to their chemical instability and volatility. Encapsulation is one option to counteract the unintentional loss of flavor and fragrance but adds extra material and costs to the product. Any superior technique will directly open plenty of applications, and would result in new market chances.

Nature's solution
Nature transforms and stores volatile compounds as stable and non-volatile AROMA GLYCOSIDES. Triggers, such as enzymes, pH, and temperature immediately release the flavor and fragrance molecules, on demand. In their intact form aroma glycosides also act as tastants and taste modifiers.

4GENE's technology
4GENE is owner of a technology to identify and to apply biocatalysts for the biotechnological production of aroma glycosides, at costs which allow the application of aroma glycosides in consumer products for the very first time.

Flavor glycosides are hydrolyzed by triggers which conveniently fit into everyday applications. Human skin flora produces enzymes which cleave glycosides. Hence, a deodorant will produce fragrance when it is needed most, and its active phase is much prolonged. In baking processes glycosides become cleaved by the combined effect of water and high temperature, making aromas easily storable in dry ingredient mixes. In frozen food, aroma is released by enzymes, while thawing and during microwaving.

Advantages of glycosides

  • No extra compounds from a capsule are released with the flavor other than common sugars
  • Surfactant activity of glycosides can be used in products, especially in cosmetics
  • Glycosides and selected flavor compounds also show antimicrobial activity
  • Glycosides act as taste modifiers and taste enhancer

Current Portfolio
The portfolio already comprises 20 flavors and aromas in bound form

Customer Requests:
Research on Demand We offer a portfolio of new chemicals which can release flavor and fragrance molecules on demand. 4GENE will use its unique technology platforms in gene identification and biosynthesis to quickly respond to customer's requests for new "flavors on demand", adapted to specific applications. We would like to support customers as active partners in search for new products, future applications and market chances.