Persönlicher Status und Werkzeuge


2018 - Journal

  • Huang, Fong-Chin; Giri, Ashok; Daniilidis, Melina; Sun, Guangxin; Härtl, Katja; Hoffmann, Thomas; Schwab, Wilfried. Structural and Functional Analysis of UGT92G6 suggests Evolutionary Link between Mono- and Disaccharide Glycoside forming Transferases. Plant and Cell Physiology (2018), doi: 10.1093/pcp/pcy028.

2017 - Journal

  • X. Priebe, M. Daschner, W. Schwab, D. Weuster-Botz, Rational selection of biphasic reaction systems for geranyl glucoside production by Escherichia coli whole-cell biocatalysts. Enzyme and Microbial Technology (2017) doi 10.1016/j.enzmictec.2017.11.003
  • K. Franz-Oberdorf, A. Langer, R. Strasser, E. Isono, Q. L. Ranftl, C. Wunschel, W. Schwab, Physical interaction between the strawberry allergen Fra a 1 and an associated partner FaAP: Interaction of Fra a 1 proteins and FaAP. Proteins 85 (2017), 1891-1901.
  • K. Franz-Oberdorf, B. Eberlein, K. Edelmann, P. Bleicher, E. Kurze, D. Helm, K. Olbricht, U. Darsow, J. Ring, W. Schwab, White-fruited strawberry genotypes are not per se hypoallergenic. Food Research International 100 (2017), 748-756.
  • K. Härtl, F.-C. Huang, A. P. Giri, K. Franz-Oberdorf, J. Frotscher, Y. Shao, T. Hoffmann, W. Schwab, Glucosylation of Smoke-Derived Volatiles in Grapevine (Vitis vinifera) is Catalyzed by a Promiscuous Resveratrol/Guaiacol Glucosyltransferase. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 65(28) (2017), 5681-5689.
  • C. Contreras, W. Schwab, M. Mayershofer, M. González-Agüero, B. G. Defilippi, Volatile Compound and Gene Expression Analyses Reveal Temporal and Spatial Production of LOX-Derived Volatiles in Pepino (Solanum muricatum Aiton) Fruit and LOX Specificity. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 65(29) (2017), 6049-6057.
  • K. Franz-Oberdorf, A. Langer, R. Strasser, E. Isono, Q. L. Ranftl, C. Wunschel, W. Schwab, Physical Interaction between the Strawberry Allergen Fra a 1 and an Associated Partner FaAP. Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 85(10) (2017), 1891–1901.
  • A. C. Crecelius, D. Hölscher, T. Hoffmann, B. Schneider, T. C. Fischer, M.-V. Hanke, H. Flachowsky, W. Schwab, U. S. Schubert, Spatial and Temporal Localization of Flavonoid Metabolites in Strawberry Fruit (Fragaria × ananassa). Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 65(17) (2017), 3559–3568
  • K. Härtl, A. Denton, K. Franz-Oberdorf, T. Hoffmann, M. Spornraft, B. Usadel, W. Schwab, Early metabolic and transcriptional variations in fruit of natural white-fruited Fragaria vesca genotypes. Scientific Reports 7 (2017), 45113.
  • K- A. L. Rihani , H.-J. Jacobsen, T. Hofmann, W. Schwab, F. Hassan, Metabolic engineering of apple by overexpression of the MdMyb10 gene. Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology 15(1) (2017), 263–273.

2018 - Presse

  • K. Härtl, W. Schwab, Smoke Taint in Wine. Wines & Vines 2(2018), 62-64.

2017 - Presse

  • Allergengehalt: Einfluss von Anbau und Verarbeitung. Deutscher Allergiekongress 2017. Ernährungs Umschau 11 (2017), 610.